This very special hotel offers 21 guest rooms including 1 king size room, 2 honeymoon suites, some of which have been converted from the original caves. In addition, 3 indigenous Midyat style gazebos, which allow spending the night on the terrace in the open air, are offered including a bed net.

All of our rooms carry the best examples of Midyat stone workmanship, which keeps the history coming from the past.

All of our rooms have LCD TV, mini bar, safe, wireless internet, 24/7 reception and room service.

Shmayaa Boutique Hotel
  • Gılgamış Suite (King Suite)
  • Şahmaran Suite (Honeymoon Suite)
  • Lilit Suite (Honeymoon Suite)
  • Enkidu
  • Ahikar
  • Uruk
  • Hammurabi
  • Tahmasp
  • İştar
  • Nin Asu
  • İzlo
  • Baal
  • Marduk
  • Semiramis
  • Anu
  • Behtnarin
  • Turabdin
  • Tammuz
  • Nicme (taht 1)
  • Kamer (taht 2)
  • Sema (taht 3)

Shmayaa Boutique Hotel

Shmayaa Boutique Hotel

Shmayaa invites you to Mesopotamia...

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