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Shmayaa Hotel, is a magnificent mansion, which has been dwelling at the Assyrian district for 1600 years, located in Midyat, the most prominent ancient city of Mesopotamia where different religions and cultures meet. It has been built by the Assyrian Hırmız Family from Mosul who paid a gold coin for each stone embroidered with ornaments.

This mansion, which has been an authentic witness of a long history, is used as a military headquarters between 1915 and 1930.

Shmayaa Boutique Hotel
Shmayaa Boutique Hotel

It has been brought to Midyat district by Bedri Sincar in 2002 and restored by keeping a high fidelity to its original form. Shmayaa Hotel opened its doors for the guests in 2011.

Shmayaa Hotel is 75 km far from Mardin and Batman Airports, and 170 km from Diyarbakir Airport. It is in Assyrian District, just above Midyat Silversmith Bazaar and located in the middle of Churches.

Shmayaa invites you to Mesopotamia...

Midyat “The meeting point of RELIGIONS and LANGUAGES”